"sneaky things, our perceptions"

"sneaky things, our perceptions" when it comes to weird realities in cycling. Which made me think of 10 others for the list:

---Putting on a lower gear doesn't make hills easier, it just makes them last longer.

---When riding a freshly cleaned and lubed bike, you'll encounter water on the road somewhere, somehow.

---Riding your rain bike guarantees that not a drop will fall.

---Clipping into pedals is as easy as breathing until you need to cross a busy road with traffic bearing down.

---When crossing a narrow bridge, there will always be a vehicle passing you no matter how empty the road otherwise is. (When that vehicle is an 18-wheeler, this is known as the Law of Semiconductors.)

---When glancing at a cyclecomputer it always takes longer than one second for the next second to tick over.

---Handlebars are always straight until you're actually riding.

---No matter how long a long ride is, it'll be 5 miles too long.

---If something can break, it will break at the worst possible time.

---It's always the worst possible time.

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